Do people buy credit packs?

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I was wondering what the numbers were for credit pack purchases. If they are as bad as I think they are wouldnt be better for both sides to rework the packs a bit?


  • I have 2-3 times. Always disappointed.
  • It is like gambling at the casino.
    Just don’t do it, you will loose!
  • J0HND03
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    i bought a lot of them on the beta server a while ago, like 100+ to level up chars ... after that experience i would NEVER spend my own money on credit packs EVER!
  • Dyakoff
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    ever wondered why they are called "credit" packs? You'll need a good credit history with your bank in order to afford those
  • leef
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    heck no.
    Save water, drink champagne!
  • Did it a couple of times when GP was first introduced to promote about 20 toons that were never touched. It’s really not worth it. You average about 700k
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    This category is for everything in the main store, from bronziums to credit packs.
  • Too expansive for what you get in retour (due gambling)
  • Ztyle
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    Absolutely not, only thing worse to buy is the BM packs
    those packs aren't even worth it if you got the maximum IMO
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