Notes for 2/23/2016 update

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Here are the notes for the update next week.

New Characters
  • A new character has been added to the Shard Shop. This is the only place that this *cough* character can be obtained.
  • The daily login character for March will be an all new unit that recovers quickly from debuffs and deals potent AoE damage.

General Updates
  • Another character will be moved from Chromium Packs to Cantina Battles 1-E and 5-F.
  • Changed description on Barriss Offee’s Force Healer ability to say that the health equalization portion of the ability will still affect characters who have heal block on them.
  • Added player XP awards to the Credit and Training Droid Events.

Character Balance Changes

IG-100 MagnaGuard
Abilities Reworked
  • Basic: Electrostaff Assault
    Base: Deal Physical damage to target enemy with a 30% chance to inflict Offense Down for 2 turns.
  • Special 1: Disruption
    Base: Deal Physical damage to all enemies with a 50% chance to remove 30% Turn Meter. MagnaGuard gains 5% Turn Meter for each Jedi enemy, plus an additional 25% for each enemy that Evades this attack.
  • Unique: Relentless Assault
    Base: MagnaGuard has +20% Counter Chance. In addition, at the start of each of its turns, if MagnaGuard has not been damaged since the end of its last turn, it gains Speed Up until the start of its next turn.

Royal Guard
Abilities Reworked
  • Basic: Force Pike
    Base: Deal Physical damage to target enemy with a 50% chance to inflict Speed Down for 2 turns. If Royal Guard has more than 50% Health, this attack has a 50% chance to also Stun the target for 1 turn.
  • Special 1: Imperial Phalanx
    Base: All allies gain Defense Up for 2 turns and Empire allies gain Health Up for 2 turns. Royal Guard has a 25% chance to gain 25% Turn Meter. (Cooldown 5)
  • Unique: Unyielding Defender
    Base: At the end of each turn, if any other ally took damage that turn, Royal Guard gains 5% Turn Meter. In addition, Royal Guard Taunts for 1 turn whenever another ally falls below 50% Health.

Asajj Ventress
  • Fixed a bug where the Offense Up buff would expire immediately if Asajj scored the killing blow that granted the buff.
  • Changed her Unique ability's third upgrade to grant Critical Chance Up instead of Defense Penetration Up (which was being incorrectly labeled as Advantage in combat).
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