Is Poe's Stand Firm ability worth it on a zFinn team?

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I've just barely got my zFinn team going, and I'm trying to learn to ropes with them.

Though the bare-bones mechanic is just to keep generating and hitting exposes, I've gathered that some specials on a zFinn team actually do matter: for example, you want to omega RT's special so you can dispel a taunt in order to reach other exposes. Using an omega on Finn's Hold the Line gives you a nice dispel to use for tank p2.

But what about Poe's Stand Firm? I can't decide if it would actually matter or might even be a detriment. On the other hand, my Finn seems tankier than my Poe, and since Poe is frequently taunting, it might not be a bad thing to draw bit of the fire away from Poe, because if he dies the whole thing is over. But on yet the other hand, Poe would probably be taunting so constantly that he never loses taunt and the ability never triggers, so it would only be a waste.

Most of you probably have more experience with this team than I do. What are your thoughts?

(I'm not running this team in arena, and I'm fairly short on purple mats, so I'm being choosey about their abilities for the moment.)


  • Simply max anything but poe's lead.
  • Yup, his special is worth it. It's really only a bachup plan though. R2 is also a big help with his AoE solving taunt issues removing dodge worries, and his stun on basic can be a life saver. Also, try not to let finns special or RTs unique kill toons while others have high health. Another expose is generally better than a kill as it helps keep the train rolling.
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