Please update the Cantina Battles Store

I have only been playing a year and I have managed to 7* every character & ship in that particular store. I am sure there are several other players who have done so too. When can we expect an update? New characters? New ships? Maybe some gear? Or how about adding better abilitys mats? Seriously, what seasoned players still needs MKI & MKII mats? I never bought any when I was starting out anyways. I just earned them from battles. Give us some MKIII or Omega mats.


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    I'm sure that we will eventually get an update, but I agree. The cantina battles store is too empty. Hopefully, we get some TLJ marquees and those characters are farmable in the cantina store. While it does make it a bit longer of a farm, it's nice to actually have something to buy out of there.
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    Hit the GW store and squad arena stores as well, sitting on 34k, just waiting to be spent
  • True. We did get Pao & Bistan from Rogue One and Chopper from Rebels. I guess I will just stockpile tokens til they add some content from The Last Jedi.
  • I have 5 more toons in the GW store plus ships which is what I am focusing on now.
  • Not only cantina store, also dont forget about arena shipments, and GW shipments.
  • At least we have the shard shop for that reason
  • I know they won't but they should throw in either Colonel Stark, Nihilus, or Shoretrooper... Theyre difficult for me, especially cause Colonel Stark is new. Of course, Nihilus and Shoretrooper are supposed to be hard farms so RIP
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  • I just recently finished DN. It was a long farm, but definitely worth it. I am currently farming Baze (56/100), Resistance Trooper (74/100), Shoretrooper (10/85), Krennic (21/65) and I am flipping back and forth between Veteran Chewie (60/65) & Veteran Han (0/65) for my Cantina energy. I was farming the Death Trooper but stoppedat 59/100 when they added the vets because the rumor is they will be needed for Rey's event. The rest of my energy goes to farming Kylo's shuttle, the Millennium Falcon, and Jedi Knight Anakin gets what's left for the day.
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