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Could you guys (EA) by chance release some accessible form of character information to the public on all heroes? Such as the advancement of abilities and the increases in stats per star level. I feel it would help people form a better idea of what kind of team they'd want to build. It could also possibly reduce the number of people who spend x amount of days grinding for a hero only to find out they're not what was expected. Not to mention it would give people a better understanding of the game in general and the counters/synergies between each hero!

Just a thought. o:)


  • Otar
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    Your best bet right now is swgohcantina.com
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    Yeah, I've been visiting that site, unfortunately it has a decent amount of info on only a handful of heroes. I just thought it wouldn't hurt to try.
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    Agreed. I would like to know if it's worth spending materials on certain leader or unique skills that look bad to upgrade but has an awesome bonus or addition at level 4 or 5.
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    It's updated every few days. And if you have a question about a certain hero, this forum is filled with people quick to answer.
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