Suggestion: Squad Bonuses


(I posted this here once I saw there was a section for it. My apologies.)

First let me say you guys have done an amazing job with communicating with the community. I absolutely love the game. I get teased by my GF all the time cuz I don't want gifts just cash for crystals. Lol. On a serious note though.
I've posted this idea on a thread and saw it on a few others as well. Just out of curiousity. I've seen a lot of the same variations of teams at the top of my server. I was wondering if you guys had thought about putting some enticing passive team bonuses for running a let's say an all Rebel team or an all scoundrel team. I think something like this would help out with bringing more variety of squads into the arena. Also with players feeling more urged to get all of the members of one particular group so they can get the overall squad bonus.
I wouldn't say to OP the squad bonuses at all but maybe give them a slight edge over a squad of individuals with no true synergy.

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