Revamp Challenges, Heists, Bronziums, Mod Store

As this game has grown over the years many things have changed which has been awesome to see as someone who started playing before guilds, mods, fleets, raids, etc. One thing that has really remained constant has been the rewards given in challenges, credit and droid heists, bronzium drops, and the mod store. Now I realize some of these have been looked at a little but as a whole they are truly behind the rest of the game.

For example, mod store sells single mods for over 1000 crystals, yet I can buy an entire mod pack in the store for 999 crystals. I think it would be nice to lower all of the mod prices in the store as it's way more economical to buy mod packs than buy them from the store. In my opinion an 80-90% decrease is needed in this area and while it sounds like a lot you have to realize that it is only one mod were 6 of them are 999. Sure some mods can be pricier than others but charging almost 3k crystals for one mod is absurd.

Next are the credit and droid heists. These two events have not kept up with the pace of the game. It takes so many credits to level up a single character from level 1 to level 85. Let alone modding, gearing, and starring them. It is easily over 10 million credits to fully gear, level, mod, and star a single character. The price isn't what I have an issue with, it's that credit heist normally rewards around 5 million credits, that's half of what is needed. Now yes credits can be earned in other areas of the game but credit heist is essential to every player in this game. Adding another tier to credit heist with higher payouts would truly make keeping pace with the character releases a lot easier for players.

Bronzium Cards are honestly a great idea, give players a chance to receive some character shards or decent gear but mostly bronziums drop gear that is needed for lower level players. I can see a few ways to solve this. Make certain tiers of bronzium cards that cost more and more ally points. Each tier has better rewards. This way you are still making players accumulate their points but it awards people for playing the game more often and spending more energy.

The last item I think needs revamped is challenges. With the addition of gear 12 certain gears, primarily stun guns, stun cuffs, and still carbanti's are extremely hard to come by. Add in the fact that MK3 holo projectors, MK2 zlatin gel, and mk8 blastech gears are needed by almost every character as well, and keeping up with the current character cadence is impossible. I am not asking for complete pieces but adding another tier onto challenges with better rewards, (especially with the pieces I named above) would alleviate some of the gear crunch while still making players farm the gear needed.

I know it sounds like a lot and I'll admit that some of it is probably hard to implement. However with the next game modes and release of newer characters and higher gear levels, trying to keep pace even on a smaller level is getting extremely hard. A lot of players admit that if they had the gear they would buy the packs for new characters but because there are too many released and not enough ways to gear them, that buying them and having them sit a lvl 1 gear 1 is useless.

I hope you take these above considerations seriously and keep up all the great things this game has been doing.


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