Historic Battles

My idea for famous Star Wars battles in GoH
Battle Of Naboo
Phase 1- Fight waves of Droids using your Gungans (unlocked by --).
Phase 2- Attack droids and advance to the throne room using your Padmé and Captain Panaka+3 Royal Security Guards
Phase 3- Fight of Darth Maul using Qui Gonn Jinn+ Padawan Kenobi
Phase 4- Fight droid fighters and destroy the Reactor to disable all droids.
Phase 5- Fight Nute Gunray, Droidekas and Droids using Panaka, Padmé+3 Royal Security Guards
1...2...3! You're dead!


  • Rewards could be like Padawan Kenobi, Padmé, Panaka and Royal Security Guards, B1s, Droidekas, etc.
    1...2...3! You're dead!
  • These should be single player, raid type bosses without that much health, with good rewards.
    Other Variations
    Battle of Kamino
    Battle of Ryloth
    Battle of Yavin IV
    Battle of Hoth
    Battle of Umbara, etc.
    1...2...3! You're dead!
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