Content Update[HF] 11/30/2017

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Hiya Holotable Heroes

Per our Game Update Status post, we've pushed a Hotfix to address the following:

Dark Side Territory Battles
We recently experienced an issue on 11/30 with the proximity between Territory Battles ending and Territory Wars beginning which caused a problem in the dispersal of Dark Side Territory Battle rewards. We have resolved the issue and granted the missing rewards to the affected users. If players still don’t have their rewards, Our Customer Support team is aware of the issue and will be able to grant rewards to anybody who did not receive them. In order to contact support, please go to EA Help via the link provided or in your game by tapping 'Help' under the Settings menu.

Additionally there were several bugs that occurred during the first Dark Side Territory Battle, Imperial Retaliation. These bugs have since been addressed, and as a thank you for your patience, we're providing players with the following:
  • 500Crystals
  • 1100 Guild Event Tokens
(Please note the data is out, but these rewards will not be accessible until tomorrow morning!)

We’ve also heard your feedback around the difficulty of Imperial Retaliation and will be reviewing our metrics and making some changes to the player experience prior to the next time the event runs. New content is always a huge undertaking and may not always be perfect, but our players user experience is paramount to our entire team. We'll continue doing our best to bring our best foot forward and thank you for your continued support.

Territory Wars Timer
Because of some of the issues around having Territory Wars/Battles start one after another, we’ve shifted the second Territory War this week from starting at 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM. We believe this will prevent any reward delays or structural instabilities and monitor over the next few days. Moving forward, in instances where Territory Battles/Wars are scheduled close to one another, we will run them so that there is an gap between their start/end times to prevent any “collisions” between the events.

First Order and Resistance Faction Packs
We’ve turned on First Order and Resistance Faction Packs for those players that wish to make progress on leveraging the Territory War bonuses.

What's Ahead
The character requirements for Rey's Hero's Journey are coming next week!

Thank you for your patience 8D Forum Guidelines
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    Another Hotfix was pushed silently today (12/1) that did not require a restart of the client. For more information on what's changed, please see below:
    • Wampa: Fixed a typo located in Wampa's second unique ability text.
    • Fixed a typo located in Platoon Rebel Strafing Run mission description.
    • The inbox message received when user fails to meet the minimum requirement for Territory Wars has been fixed to say "25" instead of "10".
    Thank you for your patience 8D Forum Guidelines
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