TW Summary: CG, please give a raise to whoever was TW project leader.

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After the TB - Imperial Retaliation fiasco, I was really angry. But then TW came and our guild has never had this much fun since I've been with them. It felt like the first time we did Heroic raids, but only a lot more interactive. So much fun, interaction, and balanced gameplay, are to be applauded. I tried to "game the system" and, save for the lack of tie-breakers, the zones plan, the banner awards and even the information disclose of your opponent's actions are just perfect. There was basically no bugs, and I've never seen such joy in game and in all forums. So, again, please congratulate the whole TW team and make sure that the TB - Imperial Retaliation go and learn from them.
Couple of things that I think would be nice to explain a bit more:
1) If a team successfully defends against a team, do TM and cooldowns carry to the next battle or are they reset?
2) There is a possible information leak, but I'm not sure. When you put your defenses, you are awarded banners and such, but you can't see the opponents. But you can go to rewards and see if it says that you will get winner's or loser's prizes. We always had winners, but we always had more defenses set. If the opposite was true (i.e. I was deploying less defenses than the opponent), would it have shown me the loser's prizes? Granted, only leaks information if they deployed more or not than you, and only at a certain point in time. But still, a possible information leak.

Some VERY desirable features to add:
1) A counter on defense teams for successful defenses.
2) Give 1 banner per successful defense by a team (helps break ties).
3) A battle replay, or at least the capability of being a battle spectator to currently playing battles.
4) A dedicated Squad Selection screen that lets you pre assign teams, and where you can account for toons used on different squads, so you can't select toons that already are assigned to other teams. With big rosters is quite complicated to keep track of which toons are in each team, and you might put in defense a toon that you wanted in offense.
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    Agreed that kudos are in order for TW. I was glad to be part of the beta test and I was heartened to see that it lived up to expectations in the full game. Although somewhat nerve wracking regarding strategy, it actually requires you to think instead of plug in the meta team.
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  • TW is a great success. It was fun. You really did get to use your entire roster, even crappy teams were useful. Lots of strategy and interaction with the guild over the whole day. Homerun!

    As far as I'm concerned lets just get rid of TBs altogether and just do TWs.
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    TW is a great success. It was fun. You really did get to use your entire roster, even **** teams were useful. Lots of strategy and interaction with the guild over the whole day. Homerun!

    As far as I'm concerned lets just get rid of TBs altogether and just do TWs.

    No, don't get rid of TBs. If all you ate was cookies - even your favorites - you'd get tired of them after a few days (and probably put on a LOT of weight). TW was fun, but TBs have their good points as well. Once the DS TB is fixed, I really like the idea of switching off between the 3. THAT is using a roster.

    Honestly, I wish they would just stick with that instead of the "forced farming" needed for certain character events. I would spend just to bolster my teams for TW and the 2 TBs.
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  • I was about to post some praise and a plea. Instead of starting a new thread I’ll do it here.

    I’m in a community with 12 guilds and 600 people. Rebel Force!! The overwhelming response to TWs is that CG hit a home run! It’s a very fun game mode.

    That said.... please please please don’t screw this up by getting greedy and requiring p2p characters in certain zones etc. This was hinted at in the territory wars introduction. It was said that this is a simplified version and that future versions could include different requirements. I urge you to be very careful with this. 600 people is a large sample size and I can tell you that TW has brought people down off the fence that were considering quitting the game. There are plenty of other places where you force us to have specific characters. Let us have a mode where we just have fun.

    Great job so far with this new game mode.
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    This is great event. There is even some suspens going on at the moment for our guild ... we are leading by 100 banners and everything sums up to ship.

    Being able to watch the fight in live would be just crazy but so difficult technically

    Well done !
  • Good for y’all I guess...were a little put off by the tie. Every other guild I’ve talked to has had a tie too. And ties both get 2nd place..? Dumb. Just more work for our officers and members. Lots of discussion about setting a defense and not being involved.

    Also, still no way to test out teams on defense or friendly, inter-guild battles so we’re just throwing combinations together without feedback on how they performed.

    My 2¢
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    You mean "raise"? @Baldusi
    LOL, typing in a phone is so unnatural to me. And the autocorrect didn’t highlighted that. Corrected that and some censored word. Thanks for the correction.

  • I loved being able to see the ' in progress ' notification

    Our chat was going nuts as a single G11 zeta Savage continued to be attacked and hold.... Half of the time actually gaining health.

    Then there was a single G12 CLS surviving over and over again, regaining protection.

    Was so fun
  • As for watching the battles live, Im surprised the servers managed to keep up with the simple 'in progress's notification real-time....
  • They don’t need to do it directly, something like functionality, but for streaming the battles would be enough.
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