Order to gear up a typical meta team

CLS, R2, GK, Thrawn, Raid Han.

My R2 is gear 12, so what order would one recommend gearing up the other four? GK to make him more tanky? Han to make him more survivable? CLS because why not make the most powerful character in the game more powerful? Or Thrawn because he's awesome?


  • I did CLS first for Raids.
  • Mobewan
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    I would prioritize raid han. He does insane damage and crowd control, and doesnt have alot of ehp, and might be targeted first by your opponent, AND his g12 gear makes him more tanky and more damage

    That was alot of ands. It depends on who may be targeted first and the g12 gear they have, i think.

    But GK is a good option too.
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