Increase Shard availability by allowing unlimited per day purchases

As I see it, the main problem with the Shard Shop is availability of Shards.

Shard shop runs on a 24 hour clock and each time, we get 6 random selections which we may get two shards each. With 73 characters, we only have something like a 8% chance (actually less because the 6 slots may contain repeats) of getting a specific character. Even when we get lucky, we are limited to 2 shards. The rate means any meaningful progress made through the Shard Shop would take months and months.

Non-paying/Low-paying players aren't happy with it because the store feels exorbitant. We have to farm these shards specifically for a small chance we can obtain 2 shards of a character we need.

Whales aren't happy either. They have accumulated so much of the currency that the Shard Shop is never going to accomplish the goal of sinking all the excess Shards out of the economy. They will sit there waiting for the first Shard Shop exclusive character and buy them, 2 shards at a time, over months and months.

My proposed solution:
  • Reduce the purchase of a shard to 1 per purchase at a lower price (50? 75?)
  • Allow unlimited shard purchases in a given 24 hour window
  • Increase the cost per shard after each purchase that increases exponentially

This way, when we do see the character we need, we can make meaningful progress.... if we're willing to pay for it.

Whales can buy a ton of shards but they're paying an impatience tax for large shard purchases, more effectively sinking excess shards out of the economy. If they see the Shard Shop exclusive character, they might be inclined to sink the tens (or hundreds) of thousands currency to purchase a mass of shards.

The low paying/non-paying players can also accumulate currency ahead of time knowing that when they need to, they can purchase several shards too. If they just need a few shards, they know that they can afford to buy 1-2 affordably.

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