Ahsoka Leader ability text

I'd like to get clarification on Ahsoka's leader ability.


I updated Ahsoka's leader ability to level 3- I was expecting that anyone on her team gets the turn meter boost after evading. Most leader abilities apply to everyone affected on the team. However, now that I have already purchased it, the text says that it only applies to Ahsoka.

The text is "Jedi and Nightsister allies gain 11% Evasion. Ahsoka Tano gains 20% Turn Meter whenever she Evades an attack."

The funny thing is that this seems to be a change in text- the text captured on SWGOH Cantina implies that the turn meter stacking applies to all members of the team.

Can you clarify the intent and effect of this leader ability and if the text is correct in my screenshot the ability text before you upgrade should be MUCH clearer. As I said before I wish I could get a refund on this because it's pretty frustrating.


  • It does seem very odd that only Ahsoka would receive a buff when she evades in a leader ability. That seems more appropriate for a unique passive ability, and doesn't align with other leader abilities.

    Is this intended?
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