yes another "need Arena Advice" srry desperate

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This is my collection

my team was Zader Thrawn TFP Nihilus Palp this but i have to change it(You Know The Reason ; CLS)
to Wedge Biggs GK R2 Thrawn and nothing is changed in arena.
i really need an advice coz i'm stuck.

Zetas: (Unique) Thrawn Nihilus Kylo HanSolo R2(crunch)---- (Leader) Vader Finn

i have 1 zeta unused

PS: Please don't say Make a Zarriss GK team :)
and i know i need better Mods :(

Thank u !!!


  • Dooku_for_days
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    If I were you, I'd try Rex lead, gk, R2, thrawn, raid han/nihilus.
    Rex lead will help with your lack of good mods.
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