Territory Wars: On Ties

Hiya Holotable Heroes!

We wanted to pop in and let you know that we’ve been monitoring the initial rollout of Territory Wars very closely. We’re excited to see that the community has really enjoyed Guild versus Guild battles and we are excited to bring you many more in the future!

We also wanted to write a quick note and say that we are actively analyzing the number of ties that are occurring in Territory Wars. For the first Territory War, we noticed that approximately 5% of the wars ended in a tie. However, guilds that had very high galactic power were disproportionately more likely to end in a tie. We want to make sure that this isn’t the case in the long run and are exploring how we can change banner accruals to make ties less likely to occur in the future.

We’ll be watching this Territory War closely as well and using what we learn to help inform that decision.

Thanks as always for communicating your issues, and we'll see you on the holotables!

Senior Producer, Galaxy of Heroes
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