Ahsoka, Boba, Fives or Old Daka

Dear friends,
I need an advice from high lvl players:
whom should I pick from Cantine:
Ahsoka, Boba, Fives or Old Daka? and why? :)
Thanks in advance.

And May the Force be with you!


  • Cyn
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    I'm level 50 and been ranked 1 in the PVP arena a couple of times. I like Ahsoka because of her evasion and healing capes. When combined with lumina, she is quite powerful. I've recently started using Fives in hopes of him being a viable tank but without a taunt and relatively weak damage, I feel I'm doomed to use Chewie.
  • OK, tnx, Cyn. I have an Ahsoka, but on my 44 lvl she is good, but has no any control\high dmg skills, so I'm not sure that she could be in my main squad in future.

    It would be nice to hear about Boba and Old Daka. Ive read that they r quite nice.
  • Boba as a Tank, doesn't have a taunt. But his ability block does come in clutch sometimes. Fully levelled and geared he deals okay damage, but his after effects are more reliable. Cant comment on Daka, other than against her. Her stun can bring any grown man to tears!
  • Boba does not seem to be a good character on his own. He is too slow to cast his ability block special, and hits too softly (about the amount of Chewy at similar gear and lvl). He needs either a team of turtles, such as Old Ben, Barris, and others to outlast the 5 minutes in defense. Or a teammate who can speed and power him up.
  • Time
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    I picked old daka mainly because i was lucky enough to get her early from a bronzium pack. Her dual stun is her best feature, as it can change the course of a close battle as can her resurrection, although this isn't very reliable. She also makes dark side missions more manageable although she isn't the easiest to farm with only 1 mission available to her.
  • I have never lost a PVP against someone with Daka, however I have had 2 or 3 draws running out of time and it was solely because of her abilities. So I think she is viable.
  • I am running a team with DAKA as one of the important piece in the team. She is strong and can helps you in many ways...keep upgrading her skills to get better chances for revive, damage and heal.
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