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Does anyone know where my "All I want for Christmas is my CLS..." thread went?? @Kyno Anyone?? I just looked at iirc yesterday and now it's gone. :(
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  • Was it merged?... cause I see one of my comments now on a merged thread. ;) lol
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  • Kyno
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    Hey, that would generally be how you would see it, it would go from a post to a comment if it was merged.
  • Hey Kyno. Thanks for the response back. :)
    Yeah I think that's what happened since it was regarding CLS. One of my comments from my thread "mysteriously" moved to someone else's thread.


    So I think you're right. Thanks for the information I didn't know that's what happens if a thread says [merged]. Cause I'm not seeing my thread in my discussions anymore. Anyway thanks for your time. Much appreciated.
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  • KyJoe_Cool
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    Once again I've had a discussion of mine disappear. No rather it was merged yet again. I had the idea for the discussion but somehow someone else gets the credit. I wrote the discussion "Lord of Pain, Lord of Hunger... sounds the same right? Possible Easter Egg?" Yet it was merged to a generic "Lord of Pain" discussion written by someone else. Can someone give me some user info about why stuff like this happens. Very upsetting and disheartening when I took the time out of my day to create the discussion and talk about potential possibilities for this awesome game yet it gets merged and I no longer see it in my discussions. It's almost like I never created it. Yet I did. But it's gone forever. Very disappointing. Would like someone to message me back about this please. I'd appreciate any advice someone might have. Thanks so much, Joe
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