Territory War Matchmaking

Hi guys, I honestly love TW. It is so much fun to face other guilds in battle. I think the way territories only unlock after defeating the one in front of it is awesome because it creates a lot of strategy for toon placement.

One thing I wish was a little better was matchmaking. I know it can't be perfect and active GP can be a good measure but at the same time it can be misleading. 50 people with 1mil GP can battle 25 people with 2mil GP. This can create a huge difference in number of viable teams.

Something I thought of was using average arena rank as a measure. This way you are comparing guilds based on how good they are versus other people and not how much "stuff" they have.


  • Yeah our second war was so lopsided. We had no business being matched against a guild 20 mil gp higher than us. We are 40 mil go guild with no cls against a 60 mil gp guild that had g12 cls in every territory except ships
  • I know that in TW my guild got to fight at a 10 million disadvantage against our opponents. Needless to say we were wrecked.
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