Add new CHARACTER TYPES to MODS challenges, PLEASE? + 2 ideas

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Hello guys!
I think all the developments you are doing to the game lately are pretty decent and in the right direction.
This said, I do think there are some things, that you must fix soon, because they are kinda outdated...

The main thing is the MOD CHALLENGES.
Overall, the fact that one has to farm lets say all jawas to just get CRIT DMG mods is kinda frustrating and kills the options for team builds, especially early game. Basically everyone uses the same HP mods and I do believe that at least some diversity in builds should be allowed in a much easier manner, after all that is what differs a player from a player - his own thinkin and choices.
Maybe you can add the new character types into the challenges, now, cos most of them are not used at all in them? Like Phoenix, Nightsisters, etc... This way, people will be able to farm MODS much easier with characters they actually wanna develop and not just collect for months for some mod...

Second thing is SHIPS - almost all the ships are like Rebels n stuff like that, No JEDI, no nothin added for months/years now.... Again ppl have to farm the same chars,same ships, etc, especially early game, which kills the diversity again...

and the third, bonus thing is... REPLAYS... cmon guys, everyone want to see how their team performed in lets say squad arena in defence, when they were atacked or so... it would be amazing! And ive seen it in many other mobile games, such as Heroes Charge, etc... so I dont think its so hard to be made, with some larger update... after all, your game is the most famous and largest atm, but... has no replays?

Well, I hope folks agree on these ones and hopefully it reaches some devs one day, to make this game even better.

Keep up the good work!


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    moved to correct sub forum.

    the point of the factions was stated to make it so you can't do the game with "one" team. that is the stated reason for what its worth.

    ships need some love i think we all know that.

    i think the biggest issue with replays will be that everyone wants complain about the bad AI and that would only make it worse.
  • i think is unlimited PvP in our own guild, so anyone could test their toon before going arena or else :D
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