Practice Makes Perfect

A lot of players used to use Galactic War to practice with different combinations of squads. Now that it's so easy to beat we lose that ability. Now - don't get me wrong - I NEVER want to go back to the overly-difficult Galactic Chore, but I do miss being able to test out my toons without it penalizing me in Arena. With the addition of Territory Wars, we really need the ability to try out our new arrangements of both offense AND defense. Game Changers who have test accounts get the benefit of trying out squads all day every day but the common every-day player isn't afforded that opportunity any more.

So here's what I suggest - give players an area where we can attack our guild-mates. No rank. No rewards. Just a Padawan Training Zone. Unlimited tests throughout the day (or even if you want to try to monetize this, give us 10 free and then refresh 10 more for 50 crystals) so that we can test our offense and defense against each other to prepare for TB/TW/Arena.
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