It's time for 2 new Zetas

Specifically, Palpatine and GK. Palpatine needs it and deserves it given his significance and power, and I think GK will slowly become irrelevant as more toons are released. He just stands there and does nothing half the time when I fight him anyway, he only truly shines with Zariss.


  • Why do you want to buff GK? He's literally 1 of 7 toons that are used in the top end of arena. He is a top tier toon and we need to do everything to discourage Zarriss and her horrid play style.
  • I agree 100%
  • I'm guessing they'll each get two zetas. Looking forward to it!
  • Palp's is definitely in need of a zeta. Kenobi is still fine without one
  • Palpatine and Vader

    Kenobi is a top contender in every single mode without a zeta, with a zeta he becomes another CLS.
  • Maybe throw Grievous one PLEASE... I'm sorry but also I'm not, I want him to be good
  • Vader needs a new skill, a Unique passive that has a Zeta.

    Ideally something like, when ever Vader attacks a rebel opponent he calls a random Empire ally to assist. Zeta, the Ally called to assist gains 100% TM.

    Or Vader gains 20% TM for each Rebel he attacks, Zeta make it for any opponent.

    Or Vader gains protection equal to the damage he does when he hits a rebel with his basic attack. Zeta, Basic ability strikes a second random opponent.

    Or Vader gains 10% TM when ever an opponent takes damage over time, Zeta Gains 20% TM when the opponent taking damage over time is a Rebel.

    Or Vader gains +5% speed for each Active Empire ally, Zeta Vader has a 25% chance to assist when an empire ally attacks.

    Or Vader gains speed up buff for 2 turns when ever an opponent is defeated, Zeta All empire allies gain speed up buff when a Rebel opponent is defeated

    Just some ideas I had, mostly aimed at making him stronger for TBs.
  • Make him stronger in arena. TB he's fine. Unique, for each enemy suffering DOTs Vader gains 5%TM each turn. Zeta'd, Empire and Sith allies gain half that.
  • SwiftMooky
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    Obviously, a Grievous rework is also needed.

    I'm less concerned about Vader, release a new iteration and make him good.

    Palp's Unique should allow him to attack Shocked enemies without triggering a counterattack. Increase the Stun Chance on his special to 90%.

    Kenobi is indeed a top contender, but I really don't see him being super useful in the long run. When he works, he works, but when he doesn't he's dead weight. I've fought him in Arena enough times.
  • Darth Vader before his fight with Obi-Wan would be nice.
  • Lot of well thought out points in this thread. Would agree that palp and vader could use a boost considering their roles, strength and overall importance to star wars. Grievous should def be a stronger toon, and in light of what they did for raid Han, wouldn't be opposed to GK getting some kind of boost I know he's still usable a ton, but I feel raid Han has passed him considerably. Great post and comments!
  • Rex need a Zeta still
  • CLS will get both Zetas making him Godly God mode
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  • if gk gets one what about wedge or rex, gk is already good
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    Kenobi its super strong, Palpy definetely needs a Zeta
  • if gk gets one what about wedge or rex, gk is already good

    I agree, Rex should get a zeta. Wedge is a much lower priority for me than all the other toons that have been mentioned.
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