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@EA-Jesse I first want to say that I really love this game. I do have a frustration though.

I am currently maxed at level 70, and from arena it looks like many others are too. While still doing dailies, GW, farming gear/shards, etc. that is a ton of wasted EXP. Is there a way to add a feature that either converts the excess EXP to either currency or log it for use once the cap is inevitably raised again? Maybe even turn it into Sim tickets? 1 EXP=1 cantina currency, or 6 EXP=1 Sim ticket. Something to that effect.

Another frustration is coming from the new (awesome) bonus energy. I'm a player who is active usually between 12-4am. When the bonus energy is given out, I'm generally either at work or still sleeping before work. I think today was like the 3rd time I've managed to capitalize on it. Any way the night owls can get in on this? It's really disheartening to see that bonus is only available again in 12 hours. Maybe make it every 4 hours starting at midnight still keeping the 2 hours available + 2 hours cool down?

I know you can't make everyone happy, it will just never happen. These 2 things, I think, would make a lot of people happy though. Great job with the game as a whole!
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