Here is how I complete Galactic War on a daily basis



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    This is why I fail at GW. It's broken.




    Haha, I thought it was not so bad. That's a terrible "Arena" team, easily beat and recharged by the end.

    Then I saw your roster.

    I'm two shotting most enemy toons on the first 3 nodes. My opponents have only one or two toons with gear 7 at node 2, and I'm way higher level than you.

    I am no longer offering helpful advice on GW. There is no advice for that. Well maybe erase your app and start over.

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    This is my strategy, and I never lose. (Maybe the first couple of weeks when I started GW, but never since.):

    My A-team for GW
    Barriss (L), Old Daka, Lumi, Darth Sidious, Yoda

    - I use a healer (Barriss, but Lumi works, too) as leader to always replenish HP automatically. Since the protection bar update you don't need the healer as leader until the protection is off.

    - When the battles get harder I also use low level characters as cannon fodder like some other people mentioned already. Sometimes they surprise me and get even a kill or two.

    - When something doesn't go as I wish or I made a mistake I retreat and redo or send in a different team. I never let any of my A-team die or get too low in health until the end of the war is near. I rather retreat ten times.

    - I always kill the character who does the most damage first and leave the healer intact. I'm dealing healing immunity with Darth Sidious, so as long as they don't have Barriss I don't care. So the last one I leave standing is a healer or another low damage char like Chewie, and while I slowly kill the last I heal my team to be ready for the next round. I also use this slow killing time to get all cool downs for my attacks back.

    - I also have a strong B team and C team, and use them or interchange depending on what the opponent looks like. I never use Kylo when the opponent has Yoda, for example. You don't want 5 chars with retribution charging at you. ;) When the other team doesn't have a healer I replace Sidious with Qui gon, Kylo, Ahsoka or Vader.

    Most importantly, I don't give up. There's always a way. Before I had several strong teams together I sometimes managed to finish the war with the cheesiest characters just by keeping sending them in. Once I had only very low level left and finally finished the last enemy (level 60s then) with a level 20 character, hehe. Now I'm 76 and face up to level 78 in GW. No big. :)
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    After skipping GW for several weeks now I finally figured out how I beat GW. Basically 2 teams. One is a Jedi team. QGJ lead, Yoda, lumi, JC, and EK. If there is Sid or dooku in a battle, I switch to my non Jedi team, Phasma lead, Dooku, Poggle, GS, and Daka, with some backups just in case.
  • Is it true that every time you restart Gw gets a little harder?
  • I just walked through the GW at level 42. Toons/stats as follows:

    Lead: Old Ben 4* lvl 42
    GS 4* lvl 42
    Chew 3* lvl 42
    Jawa 3* lvl 41
    JC 2* lvl 42

    I subbed in Talia about halfway through for Jawa for the extra heals and was shocked to walk through the way I did.
  • I do pretty much the same as everyone else, I have a main team that I always use and a secondary team if disaster strikes.

    My main team:
    QGJ 7* lvl 74 gear 7
    Lumi 7* lvl 74 gear 8
    Barriss 7* lvl 72 gear 8
    (If opp has Sid)
    JC 7* lvl 74 gear 8
    (If opp does not have Sid)
    Yoda 6* lvl 72 gear 8
    Phasma 7* lvl 72 gear 7

    If opp has someone who can revive someone (daka, ewok elder) they gotta go first.
    I like target big guns quickly as well (GS, rey, and droids). I then move on to healers second and generally leave Characters like Sid, Dooku, and fives for last. Since I have primarily Jedis, Sid is a pain but beatable and Dooku gets enough attacks as it is, why give him more? Same with fives.

    My strategy does vary from fight to fight but it goes along those lines for the most part.

    I have found incredible success with this team in GW, around 10 straight completions now, and squad arena, consistently beating teams with 4-5 lvl 77 toons, i am working my way thru the 100s at the moment. I am simply able to outlast them all using QGJ speed buff, yoda foresight, and plasma advantage with timely healing.

    It is not difficult to beat stronger teams just find the right combination.

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