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    Considering that 1) we don't even know what her kit is, yet we know the requirements, and 2) that the Vets were both added to the same farming method (cantina farms, most expensive nodes) mere weeks before the event, I'm firmly sitting this one out. There's just too much of a feeling of wrongness around this event.
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    Veteran players will always have an advantage in situations like this. Many will have the ability to farm toons the minute they hit the table. They will also have a better understanding and ability to hoard crystals for such times.

    I don't disagree that this new system of release will strain F2P, but it also doesn't count out all players.
  • Those who are saying we had ample time, are either a developer or p2p, and don’t know what they’re talking about. I’m as active of a f2p player as you’ll find. I’ve been playing for over a year now. I farmed the veterans from the moment they were put in cantina. I maxed out my cantina refreshes on double drops, and have been doing 3 cantina refreshes per day since. I just now got han to 6 stars today, while chewy is only 15/30. This is absolutely a money grab. I’m okay with it since nobody in my shard outside of the top 10 will get her likely.

    This game is getting reminiscent of every other iPhone/tablet device game after remaining relevant after a couple of years. They become insanely greedy with their format, and cater strictly to p2p players. I’ve played 3-4 other games that have gone this way and eventually they became unplayable and the game became irrelevant because all of the f2p players quit.

    Let’s not close our eyes and pretend everything smells of roses. The Talzin/Nightsisters drop and Rey have been 100% catered to p2p and have given f2p players zero chance at obtaining them.
  • It's like listening to spoilt children who can't have what they want straight away. If you want Rey now you will have to pay to get vets. If not wait, until she comes round again.Really don't see what the problem is?
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    To be completely honest, with average drop rates, they gave us the exact amount of time required to 7* both veterans, assuming 3 cantina refreshes a day. This calculation includes double drop event, which offsets bad RNG.
    So, while OP might be right in a way, the truth is we had time, assuming farming started on day 1.

    That is completely false as many on here can attribute to. Ive been farming 3X refreshes AND purchasing shipments on occasion and both sit 20/85.. maybe that is far enough that I will unlock in time with continued 3X and shipment purchases, but is certainly still far off.

    Yes I'd have more reserve or be closer if I finished top 5 in fleet as well as arena, but what % of player base finishes in top 5 arena and fleet daily, much less either or.

    The fact is that even seasoned vet players with powerful rosters who can rank daily will still likely be in a position where they are required to pay to enjoy the advent of the new gamebreaking character. MT and zombies behind paywalls is fine. Iconic, legendary, game altering characters should be obtainable by highly prepared and accomplished players. If you are a weaker player, newer player, less prepared or lazier player seeking an edge, then yes you should have to buy your way into the power creep enjoyed by veteren players. Otherwise, it should be fair game to those who put all the resources into preparation from day 1 of the event announcement, assuming the requirements would be what they are...
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