My Feedback on current Arena system

In an effort to help voice feedback, here is my current complaint:

- "Restricted" amount of attacks available
- Refreshes don't go to 5 new unless you are already at 1 left
- #5 can attack #1, where as before only #4 was the furthest behind able to hit #1
- Players having to lock up full 5 minute games in order to draw out time near rewards, since there is a lack of defense in the game
- Daunting task for anyone under level 65 to reach top 10 outside of newer servers.

- Bracket the rewards. Example; 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70 all have their own PVP bracket
- Each of these brackets have their own #1-X rewards.
- The rewards for #1 in the 30-39 bracket would be much less than the #1 in 40-49 bracket, and so on. This would promote leveling, as well as PVP at all levels
- XP/or if capped, Credits, for Winning a match
- Some other means of rewards than fighting to be 1st at a specific time ( I don't have a suggestion how, but not how it is currently set up)

I'm not a game developer, or designer, but I do like playing games. I really enjoyed playing in the pvp battle system that world of warcraft used (bracketed tiers). Hopefully some of these incomplete ideas I posted can create a more imaginative and elaborate idea within a team of professional developers.

Thanks for reading.


  • I'd also like too add that you can LOSE rank by losing a match to lesser ranked opponent. That could lessen overall rank sniping...
  • I'd like one's reward rank to be based on their average position over the 24 hour period. It would help to address the lockouts.
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    I do like the idea of XP and credit rewards upon winning fights.

    @YoYoYoda369 i also like the idea of if you lose your fight, you lose your position. It keeps number 1-3 from just entering any fight and letting the time expire so they hold their spot. They would have to win the fight, and I know a lot of people in my bracket sometimes it's luck which toon goes first and which toons the ai targets. And yes I'm one of the people that would be effected by this.

    @Bochista that idea I don't like. Me and you would spend the whole day, and night sniping each other for the number 1 spot, and I don't think any others in our bracket would have a chance. I would much rather keep saving my crystals I get from PvP for the next lvl increase.

    Pretty much anyone in the top 50 if not top 100 in any of the older brackets have the toons, and builds to be rank 1. They just either just joined the server when it was filling up, or didn't use refreshes and are stuck battling with everyone else trying to climb. Because of this I think a limit to how many times you can be attacked would work. However once you enter to top 20, that limit goes away.

    I like how their are a lot of different reward times for people. The reason why is because more people feel the are being rewarded for the time they have put in and money they spent on the game. This keeps people playing and spending money which helps improve the game. If a game loses money updates stop then the game dies, then it's cancelled.

    What I would like to see is another PvP arena, an all out tournament one where the rewards where handed out at the end if the month, huge rewards at that. This would need bracketing. Such as taken the top 20 of so many brackets and putting them against each other. And then 21-50, and ect. You place top 10 you move up a bracket, you finish bottom 10 you move down a bracket
  • @Breetai Good point. I would like an alternative to the lockouts, but I can see where my suggestion wouldn't necessarily work either.
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    @Bochista I hate the lock outs. I really do. I'm saying this and yet I abuse the heck out of the lockouts. I actually hate the whole sniping process as well. What timezone is your rewards anyways? Asking because I see you around the top in every time zone.

    I wish I had idea about how to better the current system, but I really don't. This first game i played that has a rank swapping system. I like the aspect of it, and the different time pay outs. I hate the sniping and if your not in top 50, you losing more than you climb due to no limit on the times your attacked.

    Sure the top 20 feel rewarded. We're all the ones liking the system. However the ones not are the ones that hate the system, and I can totally understand why they hate it.

    This is why I like another PvP area but set up different. One where it's like most games. With both daily and weekly rewards.

    A point system like killing a 1* toon gives 1 point, killing a 2* toon gives you 2 points, ect. One of your 7* get killed -7 points, 6 for 6* and so on, and points for winning, bonuses for how many toons you have alive at the end. This has two ladders. One for daily which everyone resets to 0 everyday. The other one keeps up with the whole week, kind of like event scoring. Then reset to 0 at the start of the next week. Everyday you get rewards for daily, and then end of the week weekly rewards are given out.

    Then you can choose which system you want to spend more time in.

    But with all that said, I would still would like a big monthy tourny. I think that would be fun, and cause a ton of drama. I do get a kick out out of rage post from people sometimes because if PvP
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    @Bochista @Bretai I think you both are on my server. I am X'lor Bintaghr.
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