what am I supposed to do?

So I happened to come across a possible arena bug, my match was stuck and went to a waste and all. So I decided to report it in ANSWERS HQ. So I filled up all the sections(Yes, I've filled all the sections correctly, I've reported a bug already last month, I know how it works) and explained everything, even had screenshots to go along... when I hit that "submit" button, it doesn't do anything! It's been an hour now, reloaded and refilled all the sections but it won't just submit the report! How can I report a bug if the report is not working? Please please please devs, please help!


  • This has been very frustrating. Stress level have skyrocketed!
  • was about to defeat the match when suddenly thrawn(one of the opponents toons) disappeared. action icons also disappeared. cannot use "auto", doesn't do anything. time expired but the match was on limbo
  • That Thrawn is pretty sneaky.
  • The report is bugged. You have to write a letter to report it, then in 6-8 weeks you can report the original bug.
  • There appears to be a bug in the report a bug report. Please uninstall and reinstall the game then go to the forums in 24 hours try again. I've not confirmed this works but several people have done it and it sounds nice.
  • Happened to my Thrawn too in the aat raid.a3bakxc.png
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    you need to address this at the EA Help website. Sorry to say thats the only way. you can go through a different means to report the bug, or to address the issue you are having with the submit button.

    I understand you are saying you filled in all the fields, did you do the title part too, i have missed that one before.

    I am going to archive this as there is nothing we can do from here, you will need to contact them. Maybe you can go through Kozi.
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