New player help. Level 60

Any advice would be appreciated. Starting to feel myself pulled in a bunch of directions. Where should I focus?



  • If you have a job:

    Step 1. Open your wallet
    Step 2. Pull out your debit card
    Step 3. Buy 100 dollars worth of crystals
    Step 4. Do that every week/month depending on how much you make.

    If you don't have a job:

    Step 1. Get a job
    Step 2. Go back to step 1 of having a job

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    phoenix is big at your level, you can use them for palpatine, ezra and kanan for yoda, use them for thrawn, and they do decent in arena for now... as for what else to work on, the OT ppl for cls event, old ben, sthan. leia, farmboy luke and r2 (need an empire team for r2), maybe just pheonix and empire for now, worry about others later...
  • Best advice I can give at ur level is to focus. I went for collecting as many different characters as possible and it held me back big time. Find 2 or maybe 3 teams that are good and u like and star them up and gear them up.
    And find an active guild too. That helps with the raids big time
  • Phoenix for Thrawn.

    Empire for R2...leading on to Old School Rebels for Commander Luke.

    Wedge, Biggs, STHan, Boba and Lando for Arena.

    Resistance for the future.

    As the Buddhists say - don't be a wind in the breeze, being blown this way and that. Commit yourself to a goal (or two), and then work towards those goals with single-mindedness and hard work to achieve them.
  • Bamaben, I think this video is a very useful watch -

  • Look at ahnaldt101 video to see what characters you should focus on!
  • All of the above.

    Unless you want to spend money, this game demands a lot of research and critical thinking.
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    What’s a good all round squad apart from Phoenix because I use them and I don’t win much.
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