Recent Change to Energy Caps


We wanted to clarify a recent change to how the upper limit of Energy accumulation is handled.

Many of you are wondering why wasn’t this announced. We considered this to be an unfair advantage and didn't want to publicize it. It appears now that it was the wrong decision, but we'd like to explain our reasoning.

Internal data said that usage was fairly rare – only a few hundred users had taken advantage of it. We did make this check before raising the level cap in January, so the numbers may have increased more than expected since then.

At any rate, we can understand why this would be disappointing to the players who were doing it. Either way, it bypasses our intent with the Energy features combined with the escalating refresh cost, which is about pacing the user’s experience through the game. In the spirit of fair competition, we did not want players to level more rapidly and at a lower cost than their peers once we raise the level cap to 80 in the future.

The change we made still allows players to stockpile energy, but we’ve added a cap of 1,999 energy for regular energy and 999 energy for Cantina play.

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