• I've never had a use for chewy. Never lost a GW, and only lose Arena when my tablet dies lol. Just hit level 49.
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  • Chewie has always been my primary target for upgrades and ability enhancements. I have all his abilities and Level 4 and have Gear level VI. He's a 4* and he seems to always be more beefy than any opponent's Chewie. I've been running Chewie, Lumi, Talia, Consular and Jawa the last couple days with Ahsoka on deck to take Talia's spot at some point. I don't have any of the other good damage heroes so i just use all the healing ones. Like others have said, PVP is such a small part of the game. I just try to stay in the top 1000, and never usually even finish more than the 3 battles needed to get the daily quest fulfilled.

  • Chewie does have his uses... but when he's under AI control just spamming his Taunt rather than using it appropriately, it limits his usefulness, imho. Anyone attacking Chewie should find his taunt inconsequential if you have any idea what you are doing.

    I too have realized that with limited spending, I am going to be trapped in the ~300 or so PvP bracket for the time being at L45'ish. Having a rough go at some of the more exotic lineups as you get past the 10,000 power rating bracket when I'm stuck with mostly F2P characters at this point (Chewie/Sidious/Talia/Consular/Teebo/Jawa/Dooku/etc.)
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  • I just lost an arena match because chewie's taunt stuck. Mace failed to remove it and I then got absolutely wrecked by Lando after lumi also had failed to block his abilities. Could have been just a rough go with the abilities or his Luke leaders tenacity buff kicked my butt.
  • I'm not sure what the logic is behind galactic war. I have won it twice without a loosing a single character. Other times I got stomped before finishing round 8, it's like one way or the other for me, I use chewy 4* tier 5, sid, 5* tier 5, lumin 4* tier 5, telia 4* tier 5, counselor 2* tier 4
  • I would rather see tanks that can soak damage. The AI burns taunt immediately instead of at key moments rendering it almost useless
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    SilverFox wrote: »
    This forum speaks a lot about high crit and damage characters and not so much about Tanks....

    I have chewie at 4* - gear 5, and Plo koon at 3* - gear 4, and these seem to be extremely useful with consular and if i pick another hero healer for leveling... Sometimes only used these 3 and left out Jawa(3*)and Resitance trooper(2*) fx.(4-L) so i could get a 3 star win, the last 2 just cant take any damage, dies quickly and gives me a 1 star win..

    Chewie and PLO also do well in Arena, with talia and consular, no prob beeing in top 50/100 and beating higher power opponents..

    I am level 39 and will soon start GW ... How do tanks do here???, what characters should i persued before going here??.. I am asking because i am about to make a choice in Cantina shard...thinking about "Fives" ... But that would be my 3rd Tank .. Am i gonna have my a.. Kicked in GW??

    My team is this:

    Chewie 4*
    Doku 3*
    Plo 3*
    Consular 3*
    Talia 3*
    Jawa 3*
    Resistance trooper 2*
    IG 86 2*
    = all in end 30'level and 3-5 gear

    nightsister inititive 1*
    Royal Guard 1*
    =start 30, lebel and max 2-3 gear..

    Snow trooper 1* - level 27
    Clone trooper 1* -level 17 ( not used much)
    And Ewok 1* level 1 ...never used

    I am 20 shard away from SID in arena...

    Any thoughts.. Advice ?

    Well PLO l is just op. I always run Talia and Luminara for heals bc both have a lot of hp. Wookie for taunt and self heal, Sid and tie pilot. I rank at 36 and woop up on lvls 48-51 while being 46 my self. GW I win no problem unless I hit a 60 team, which happened today
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