Help me with my arena fleet, pretty please

I've never really had much interest in ships, so I hover in the 350-500 ship arena range most days. But, you know, I've decided to give it a go, so I've started to spend all my fleet tokens on ships. I would really appreciate any help about what ship/pilots to work on and what a good fleet would be to use out of the ships I have now in the arena.

So I suppose I'm looking for ALL THE ADVICE. What starting 5 should I use in the ship arena? What 3 reserves? Are there any tactics I should use (I still don't even know which are 'attack ships', and the best to call for an assist)?

What is the best capital ship to use? I go with Tarkin because (*hangs head in shame*) I can cheese out victories with him, but I attribute that choice more to the fact I SUCK at ship battles, and so I play to delay and hopefully blow up the other team with the one big tie attack.

For pilots, most of them are gear 8 or 9, max. I've always only cared about the arena, and I haven't ever found a use for pilots (besides FOTP) in my arena teams. I am NOT looking forward to gearing up these pilots ... as if I didn't have enough characters to spend carbantis and stun cuffs on! But I'm going to assume there is a substantial benefit to gearing pilots up to g10 or 11. Is that the case, or can I squeak by with under-geared pilots?

Anyway, I know this is asking a lot, but I'm looking for some hard truths about the best way to increase my arena rank and also build toward 6 and 7 starring my capital ships, so I need to work with what I have now. So if the greatest fleet involves Vader, Rex, and Poe, I'm outta luck. Anyway, any and all advice appreciated!!!
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