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    I think I’ve cooled down enough to post here.

    I’ve seen the TLJ 2.5 times. I was so excited in the months leading up to it. I mean, the hype was on another level. Of course, my family saw it opening weekend. I went into the movie feeling great, and ready for Star Wars to change forever. At the end of the movie, I was completely and utterly disappointed.

    I was shocked at my feeling of pure distaste with an addition to my favorite franchise of all time. I was not around to see the OT or the prequels in theaters, and I enjoyed the Clone Wars, TFA, and Rogue One dearly. They never failed to intrigue me. So you can imagine my unease at being so let down with my initial viewing of TLJ.

    I had no idea why I didn’t like it. I just couldn’t get a grasp of it. I figured that the new themes and story was beyond me and that you had to be a truly invested fan to enjoy it. I thought it was just me. As it turns out, however, half of the world seemed disappointed as well. And the answers as to why it was so disappointing to some and a wonderful movie to others were widely disputed and ultimately, a mystery. So I went to see the movie again with friends.

    This time, I was a different kind of disappointed. I realized what got me the first time: The overhype. There was too much weight on this movies shoulders after so much marketing, and I was ready for a truly groundbreaking reveal at the end. But the second time, I began to realize just how many theories were shot down, and how lame the movie made the saga look. It felt like seeing an Avengers movie where all the heroes get old and give up. Then a new one strolls in and seems invincible...

    Due to my dislike for the movie as a whole, I picked certain new elements to despise, such as the new characters. I took out my anger on Rose and Holdo, and while I still find Rose as edgy and foolish, Holdo was actually a decent addition. I hated the themes, I hated the planets, I hated the Porgs.

    Naturally, I stayed as far away from the film as I could. It was too much for me to take in. I mean what happens now? How do you fix a broken fan base? So I went and saw Solo, and like every other Star Wars film before TLJ, I came out satisfied and hungry for more. You can chalk this up to my skeptical and low expectations, but overall I really enjoyed the film. Thus, I forgot TLJ and moved on.

    Towards the end of 2018, I found my father on Netflix half way through TLJ. I decided to sit down and give it another chance. To my great surprise, I was less disappointed at the end. Granted, I missed most of the Finn/Rose endeavor and sad Luke, I still came out of it happier than before.

    Now, The Rise Of Skywalker trailer is out. And I’m beginning to appreciate TLJ more and more. Maybe it set up so something greater than itself. Maybe it wasn’t as damaging as I thought. The fan theories are back after a dry spell, and it seems as though we got over the mess.

    So I ask you: How many chances have you given this new trilogy? Does it deserve more than 1? What has it introduced? What will be its legacy? Does it really have that much to do with the first 2 trilogies? Where do we go from here?

    But most importantly: Will we have to be disappointed again to accept the changes that the new film brings? Is that what TLJ was preparing us for? How are my kids, and their kids going to view the saga that happened a long time ago in a galaxy far far away?

    My guess is your kids will see it as very very bad
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    New question: What if ALL the Star Wars Movies had Rogue One's edge? There wasn't always a happily ever after each movie? Not debating they were good or bad, just what if?

    The only Saga movies to have happy endings are A New Hope and Return of the Jedi. The others' were either bittersweet or deviously "happy".

    Lot of people died blowing up the Death Star in ANH.
    Luke wasnt too happy his father died in RotJ.

    Luke celebrating the Rebel victory
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    Many Bothans died...
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    Many Bothans died...

    So did the sith... allegedly
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