I wish a clan/Guild Area .. Clan Wars.. Boss Fightings.. HomeBuildings.. Attacks Other Guildmembers..


  • Me 2
  • I suspect they are planning something like that
    *looks at the hologram on home screen with 3 heads spinning around

    Yup definitely someday. They released Galactic War and Cantina to us 'soft launch peeps' after ~2 months, maybe the next major update would be somewhere then, for now reach level 60 and enjoy the Galactic War and Arena content with us first :D
  • Where can I see my allies before launching a mission? I only see the random heroes still...
  • hopefully this game continues to grow, as I see a lot of potential and would hate to see it die off due to lack of events or content updates
  • There is always the option of inciting your own now.
  • They need global chat!! And be able to communicate with ally members!!
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