Which Zeta

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Which one would you recommend

Which Zeta 51 votes

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Death Trooper
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  • Zolo
    I have a Zolo he was my first, only and my free zeta and I love it he's amazing. And Finn's zeta is top tier either one is a great choice
  • Zolo
    Just did zolo he's a beast, should of done it sooner
  • Highly depends on your team and gear i would say. But as a standalone Zolo and Zylo, both are monster. If you have an even half decent resistance team, then Zinn will give you a mighty boost. DT if you have Krennic, Zthrawn if you run empire...

  • If you have a high geared Krennic do Deathtrooper, otherwise do Thrawn's unique.
  • Zolo
    Zolo is just a beast. Z Finn is the last piece for Resistance team, don't Zeta him if you haven't the team ready.
  • Zolo
    zSolo if no resistance, zFinn if resistance
  • Zhrawn
    Look, normally I would say zFinn, Zolo, Thrawn. But, you need to focus on your Arena and fleet teams. Those gems will enable everything else. Then come the raids. And then the TB. In all those, Thrawn Ebb and Flow will help you greatly. Your Han is not geared enough. It won't become a death machine until you g11 him AND fill the Mk 6 Stun Gun (the gold one with lots of pieces). Work a bit more on your Shore so you can put him in your Arena team, because you already have a very nice Empire team. Thrawn also has an excellent capital ship, which will help you get gems form there. So I would say that go with Thrawn, BUT, as part of an overall strategy.
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