Suggested Modifications to Double Drops

Hey all, Double drop is over and I am sure we all enjoyed it :smiley: However, I was talking with a friend of mine that day about how he simmed 14 battles with zero shards of veteran han drop, and we agreed that this is not problem of a specific character, rather, a more general downside.

To start with, average shard drop rates is a solid 33.3%, so for 1000 sims, we can expect somewhere around 333 shards, and on a double drop, we will get ~666 drops. The minimum would be 0 while the maximum would be 2000. We can see the range is pretty huge and the average is pretty meh.

Given that most playerbase would be risk-averse ( I assume), wouldn't it be BETTER if we get GUARANTEED ONE SHARD DROP instead of double drop? So per 1000 battle sims, we get 1000 shards. NO rng involved. NO ridiculous 0 drops either. However, you cannot get 2000 shards as well. You sim 1000, you get 1000. That way, it eliminates extreme numbers as well as boosting the average yield, as well as providing players the opportunity to calculate how much they have to spend to catch up prior to an event. For example, if I need 100 shards for participating in Rey's journey I would want 100 sims, so I would know how many refreshes (Crystals) I need.

What do you guys think?


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