Next Quality of Life Update ... What do you want to see?



  • Arena slider/selector.

    Better mod management system.

    Personally don't care about anything else.
  • ability to move time zones and the daily event times update accordingly
  • Carbanti heist, let's get thousands of them a week

    Plenty of other gear to slow us down, many are just tired of carbantis

    Also, TAC challenge should be changed to add mk5 stun guns
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  • Fix ally points. Let us buy bronziums 10x at once or spend ally points to fill guild donations.
  • Let me train fighting a team I could setup freely. No reward, no nothing out of it. Just let try my teams against a variety of other teams I could design myself.

    Give me proper mod/squad management. Something I can access without having to start a fight.

    TAC challenge needs a rework

    The Pit raid needs a legendary version where the Rancor is immune to TM manipulation.

    The platoons in territory battles need some rework, especially those in the DS TB. Could you publish the DS TB average platoon filling stat for phases 3 to 6?
  • Globuhl wrote: »
    No reward, no nothing out of it.

    Irrelevant. But,
    These people said the same thing about mythic events. And when they were introduced, instead of being glad to get a chance to replay the legendaries, they whined about the rewards(mods). Forgetting that it was better than no rewards; i.e. what they originally asked for.
    Too many greedy players on these forums IMO. You'll definitely hear people whining about no rewards in a sandbox mode.

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