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    Hey all, its Den Eckard agian!

    Im still looking for strong allies to support me in the Cantina Battles. Please, add me 763-843-388.

    I can provide 4star Chewie, all regular characters well equipped, soon Darth Sidious. All over level 44!
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    848 738 144
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    Currently level 42 but I am actively playing daily. Make me your ally!
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    Daily player, currently level 57 !

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    Okay Meatbags. R0B3 prototype droid here telling you to submit to your new robot overlords and add me. I have what you want for your Darth shards: The gift of my friendship.

    I have been playing 24 hours, moved from arena rank 14,592 to 3,925. I assume I'll be in the top 10 in the matter of hours at this rate.


    Currently level 20 with a ripped out 4* Talia who is slaughtering Ewoks by the treefull. I'll be taking anyone in the 50+ crowd to "assist" with my ascension (read: prop me up) and I promise some level of benevolence when I come to rule the galaxy.

    - Robotched
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    Daily Player. Level 48 and top 25 in Arena.
    Please add: 791-927-875
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    Daily player 473 in arena and rising lvl 38
    181 294 986
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    just started 2 days ago, playing daily, currently lvl 23, looking for any allies to help out

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    level 39 here
    active allies
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  • Welshy
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    edited January 2016
    New player here, active daily. Slightly addicted :smile: ! Lvl 41 but seem to be moving quickly. Could use some allies to help with future progression.

    Please feel free to add me!


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    EA_Jesse wrote: »
    Hey there Heroes!

    Since there are so many threads and posts flying around about sharing Ally codes I figured it would be nice if we had them all in one place!

    Please limit the posts here to ONLY share Ally codes! It's fine to give a description for the type of player you are though, along with the types of allies you are looking for.

    Now, share those codes! :)

    951378423 is my code
  • CarBu
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    Daily Player 881-194-343
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    Daily player every day online and night also add me 951~378~423
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    Greetings Jedi scum and Sith lovers
    50th Asajj looking for some 50th plus 60th would be great Daka Ahsoka Sidious
    or any 60th lighties
    Could really use the help started on the nightsister path and my drop rate really sucks.... **** you EA lol. To late to turn back now so please add to help this f2p top 100 give p2w a run for their money lol.thanks in advance

    246 821 943

    Alt is leader soon to be Barriss for the time being. Accepting all add me
    913 265 176

    Grrr my thumbs are to big for typing on this tablet lol
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    hello hello add me^^
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    top 50 looking for high level allies
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    Lv60 6* purple Sid
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    level 45
  • CaptainReynolds
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    Special greetings from CaptainReynolds,

    I'm looking for players around or above my level to join my Ally List. If anyone has Old Daka, Ima-Gun Di or Captain Phasma I would love to have you has an ally! Feel free to add me if you need additional healing/support yourself.
    Currently level 44 with 4*Barris Offee (leader), Luminara, Asajj, Ashoka, Consular and soon to have Sideious all geared up to my max VI.


    Thanks! :)
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  • Kalico_Gatika
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    Started a few days ago and I'm level 33
    Daily player
    Would highly appreciate healers, but I'll add anyone.
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    Level 45 with Sid, Barris, Windu, Ahsoka, and the freebies all 4* or better
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    Lvl 49 daily player, most notable character is a lvl 49 5* Daka. Looking for high level allies.

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    *****The Force Is Strong With This One*****
    ***Addicted player & progressing quickly only a few spaces left***
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    757 271 215. I'm lv 46, #52 in the arena. Everyone is accepted
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    Active but not a payer
  • mamba
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    Level 60 player looking for allies
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    Level 57. Looking for Lv 55+. Thanks.
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