Min gp requirement for HAAT?

Hey guys, I was just wondering what the lowest possible guild galactic power could be to defeat HAAT. More or less I'd just like to know if it's possible with 50/50 players and 60 million galactic power.

Thanks guys


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    Gp doesn't mean anything in itself. It sounds like your guild needs to do a lot of haat research. It's all about the right team compositions in the right phases. You could have 60mil by simply having 50 full rosters of mediocre gear/mod levels. Or you could have a guild full of all the same teams, able to take down all but phase 3.
  • My guild just got HAAT on farm this month. We're on our third HAAT right now as I type this and we started completing it when our gp was between 50-55m gp. So, I think as long as your guild has enough strong teams to take it out (such as some hard hitters to take out p3 since that is my guild's holding up spot), you should be able to do it.
  • GP means nothing in completing HAAT. The lowest you could have and beat it is about 250K because you can beat it with 2 teams if you have the right mods and toons.
  • Hi, I help a lot guilds make that step to heroic tank raid. I’ve seen guilds being successful at 48 Mio. If it’s a regular 50/50 guild the tipping point is between 50 and 55. So you should be fine, given mos of you have the right Teams. PM me if you want more help.
  • 1 guy with 3m can clear the haat. ;-)
    So gp does not mean anything.
    Cls, zkylo, bb8, zavage, leia, are the key toons.

    But yes 60m is more then enough. We did the thirst haat with 45m. Without extern help.
    Good luck!

    There is a indikator:
  • 31 mil GP here. But we also have 2 JTRs and 6 CLSs
  • i think it's more of a matter of how many effective haat team comps does your guild have rather than raw total GP number. How many well geared Resistance, CLS, BB8, R2, Thrawn, Palpatine, (with chirpa), JRey, Asajj, Ackbar, Hermit, Clone, Leia etc
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    The old way of doing haat was to have 200 teams, ie one team a phase each. Now the raid is well figured out enough that you can solo phases. I'm in a 11 million gp guild(4 big hitters rest smallfry). We are attempting haat at the moment.
  • We're 49 mil. We can clear it no problem. I think it really depends on your teams, strat, and organization.

    We use Kylo's to clear P1. Some Rebels/Resistance for P2. Chirpentine/Thrawns and misc teams for P3. and Mostly Resistance for P4.

    done in a matter of hours.
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    Ackbar (L), CLS, Thrawn, zVentress/Zolo an BB8 can solo the raid from 30% of phase 2 to the end. So yes, 3-4 teams will be enought for HAAT.
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