Rey Event Not on Calendar?

Is there a reason the Rey event isn’t on the December calendar or on the in game event listing?


  • Here we go again, Commander Luke event re-invented, only much worse. First, no in-game announcement about which characters are required that is clear and concise (same with double-drop event), event details with enough warning to actually do anything about it aside from spend over $500 to level the needed characters in a week. The standard set is now "rumors", or email, chats, etc.. Ethics are just a word, same as respect. I understand it's a business well, I manage companies much larger than EA, but I also understand there is a right/ wrong way to treat your customers and no matter how many times we go through this, that lesson just isn't absorbed, I truly don't get it. People are actually willing to spend if they get accurate information, why is that so difficult? Is everyone expected to spend over 2k a year just to participate in all of the events solely because we can't get good information in-advance within the game itself? That isn't realistic. If that is truly the status-quo then I am done. I do appreciate there is a forum here as a supplemental resource, but relying solely on the forum and non producing accurate in-game announcements for events is just plain wrong. The average working adult does not have time to go through thousands of posts to find all the information on any given topic. Some of us don't even have forum access, I had to re-update my access information just to post this. As many issues as HODA had, event information was not one of them, this is a choice. HODA posts the upcoming event guidelines and requirements IN THE GAME prior to any event, with an in-game announcement at least a week prior and some times more, depending on the event, which shows the DATES, TIMES and REQUIREMENTS of the upcoming event. It saddens me. Several that I have been guild mates with for 4 years now are quitting for good over this, over Christmas too...
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