Territory War GP enhancement

Territory War is fantastic, however in our guild we are having difficulty with one aspect. Because matchmaking happens based on the GP of active members but the opponent's GP can only be seen as the total for the guild, it is very difficult to strategize. Can the GP used to calculate matchmaking be displayed in the Territory Wars area? It helps determine whether defense-heavy or offense-heavy is chosen for our guild strategy


  • Agreed DeltaMike. I would like to be able to see this as well!
  • Agree. We have 77m gp. This war we are matched against 98m gp guild. Would like see wht their pwr is listed for war to see if its a fair matchmaking or not. We still seem way overpowered by them.
  • Territory War is unbalanced as hell.. Our guild lost with 5500 points last time, and its nothing about tactics or anything else. Its just pure luck if you can get a fair opponent. All of our members are free to play players, and we are facing constant guilds who can afford real money on the game and i dont blame them for it. You spend your money on whatever you like, but we are near losing any interest in participating in the battles cos' we face almost every territory 3 to 5 90k+ full geared teams, and our best team is a gear X-XI with 84k. We have no chance to win at all. Who pays, wins, whos not, lose..
  • @Naz83 you could just get the minimum banners as a guild and then do nothing for the second place reward.
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