HELP for farming characters

Curently im lever 61. I've just unlocked ships and in ship arena im farming ghost and phantom II because i have a full pheonex team (exept sabine). I often still have some tokens remaining and im thingking of farming a caracter, for example - ashoka tano fulcrum. Is that a good Idea? Are ghost and phantom any good?
Secondly im not farming anyone from the guild store. Can anyone suggerst what caracter should i farm?
Thanks for your answers!!!


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    I believe the consensus is that ghost and phantom aren't great ships but if you have 3 well starred crew it's better to use them. You will need Sabine unlocked to use the ship she is with.

    I wouldn't farm ahsoka tano fulcrum. Wedge Antilles is a usual mainstay of a rebels team which you may want to move to after phoenix becomes outclassed. Biggs ship blueprints or tie fighter or advanced tie fighter ship blueprinnts are also good choices. Tie Fighter pilot and Vader are decent choices as well.

    Some people reccomend Maul in the guild store. His ship is good so you can pick it up in fleet store. Otherwise Old Ben/farm boy Luke will be needed eventually for the CL'S event so you can pick them up as possible in guild store.
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    Do your research and pick your endgame character goals. Start working towards them.

    I'm sure you know this already, but your objective is to put together a team capable of taking 1-3 on offense during your payout hour. Work on that, to the exclusion of all else. Once that's taken care of, build teams to dominate raids. Then, teams for TB/TW/other.
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    Currently my second team is empire (stormtrooper, magma trooper, tarkin, TIE pilot, vader) should I make any changes to that team and should I make it my first team?
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    I would include royal guard in your empire team, he is one of the best dark side tanks in the game, he has saved my arena teams very often, i used him in arena from top 2500 to top 500, great tank. As naraic suggested focus on wedge, and biggs too, those 2 are top tier f2p characters, i still see wedge and biggs teams in top 200 and even top 100.

    As for first team i suggest Wedge (leader), stormtrooper han, biggs, ackbar and leia (or lando instead of leia).

    Secondary team Vader (leader), royal guard, tarkin, tie pilot and magmatrooper (or stormtrooper instead of magmatrooper if you feel you need more defense).

    The first team will rule arena, but both will clear galctic war for you, every day.
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