Yoda - Fixing his AI defense

I'm suggesting a small change- make his first AI action Battle Meditation instead of Unstoppable Force.

Part of what makes Yoda so great is he has the ability to protect not just Jedi but all team mates from Dark Side de-buff characters on the first turn. People complain regularly about Yoda being terrible on defense and this would be a huge improvement!


  • Angelblood41510
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    I don't think it would matter. Live players will focus on him in the first round and he's squishy so he won't get to his second turn most of the time. Giving Yoda an armor boost wouldn't fit the character in game. The fact that he gets foresight on his base attack is awesome. THAT is Yoda's defense. It's not working group though because a live enemy will focus fire on him and he's dead.
    I think Yoda needs a passive ability added similar to Sids Sadistic Glee. Something that would make him harder to hit. One would argue that the foresight is enough. But from what I see. It just saves him from one attack. Nobody is giving Yoda the respect he deserves in PvP. Giving him a a passive chance to outright dodge an attack would make his foresight more potent because then he would have an increased chance to survive the first round having the ability to.dodge two attacks or more.
    I'd say start it at 10% and go up 10% until 40% is reached at level 4 and then +5% until level 6 is hit.
    That would give opponents a static 50% miss chance and he has foresight. I think it would perfectly imitate his agile fighting style and display his superior knowledge of the force
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