what is the point of support if they don’t know anything and can’t do anything?

I have been having issues with some missing features in the game mainly the veteran han/chewie pack is missing so I am unable to purchase it, in its place are some starter packs that I haven’t seen since I started the game..... I need that pack and counted on that pack to finish my veteran toons to participate in the Ray event... with the pack missing I will be unable without great cost be able to participate and that will set me back at least 3 months till the Rey event comes back... after a brief discussion with support who told me he loves playing this game (lol) he told me the pack is missing because the promotion is over... however my alt and entire alliance still has it available... then he went on to tell me that he cannot fix any in game problems... so what is the point of them? I have tried reinstalling the game and have no idea what to do next...


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