the introduction of Character mission Idea

Hi, I'm here proposing one idea for characters, this would be a new mode where we could send characters (max 2-3, mim 1) or ships (with their respective pilots) on missions for a certain amount of time, making them unavailable and having them locked for that amount of time (only exception would be arena,ship or during TW, also if a TB was in place, only the opposite alignment could be sent for missions), this would create some rewards for players when they aren't in-game.
Those missions would be created by the devs (to make it easier), it would have specific rewards and themes, and a variety of rewards from low tier raid crates to high tier raid crate or even character/tb rewards etc etc, this also would prevent missions
the times would be less then 12 hours, so between 30min - 12h depending on the rewards, those missions would be shuffled around where only 1 12h mission would be available per day(refresh at reset), making the rest count until 24h.
There would be minimums in place for lower level as well, minimum would have 30 min increasing with stars and level (to make it fair and to not send low gear/level/star count for 12h mission or having a chance at completing the mission, for example a character level 1 gear 1 1 star would have 1% of completing a 12h mission).
There could me also required characters for certain missions, like for example han solo and chewebacca for a smuggler bounty.
There could be as well a way for characters in the end of each mission receive a little of Exp, depending on the time they spend on the mission and their difficulty.

Hope the devs like the idea, feel free to comment about it, this is an idea that comes from the game World of Warcraft (garrison system and order hall system) and other Mobile games, think it would be fun :)
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