Fleets and ships need new content.

Are we not waaaay over due for a ship raid (death star). Ships is my favorite part of star wars. Love all the space battles. It what stars wars is all about really STAR WARS lol. Anyways I think we are needed some new things aka raids for ships. I know alot of people would love that. Wanna run the trenches and blow me up a death star!


  • Peer
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    Well "hardware extensions are coming soon" it says. And some sort of fleet campaign mode would be nice not to speak of a fleet raid. But since the movies are about something completely different there is no business case for development of the content you ask for.
  • Hardware is coming soon for forever.... I guess we still need one of the most iconic rebel x-wings before we actually get a deathstar raid OR we get his ship in the raid? First Raid ship?

    Rogue Leader, Red Five aka Skywalker who actually blew up the deathstar...

  • leef
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    nah, screw ships.
    Save water, drink champagne!
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