Most RNG sucks but it can easily be solved for Gear and Mods with this GREAT Idea!

RNG for swgoh sucks and we all know it....I got twice as many shards farming Vet chewie this past week compared to when double drops were active last weekend...some shady rng indeed. Anyway, players always have needs for certain items they just can't seem to get a hold of...mostly due to unfortunate RNG. But what if there was a type of auction house in-game but not the traditional kind because we all know Capitol games would definitely not support that. But what if for example, I currently need a Speed-Arrow mod with a primary stat of speed but I can't seem to get one. What if there was a place similar to gear exchange where players can go and make offers for gear or mods they need. So I post that I need a Speed-Arrow mod w/ primary speed stat and offer let's say 2.5mil credits for it. Another player viewing this post can say 'hey I really need credits and have an abundance of this type of mod' and can either accept or simply ignore the offer and look for others that interest them. Both parties happy. Also with this type of trade CG can hopefully avoid players making inflated prices that you see in other games that have traditional Auction houses. I know this would not be accepted for toon shards but it could work very well for mods and gear solely. Anyone else agree? Maybe if enough people support this CG will implement it....wishful thinking ofcourse....


  • Nice idea, except it's way to easy to take advantage of, so the odds of such a concept being implemented are extremely small
  • Could work if we all needed different stuff for different guys, but everyone needs pretty much the same gear and speed mods. And the only people that will have enough of those carbs to sell you are lower level people that don't know they need thousands of them yet .
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