Sidious and Lando? ?

Hey guys I'm excited as hell because I just pulled Lando so I was just wondering does anyone know if they compliment each other well??


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    I have him up to 56 and use Sid as my leader. I don't have him geared as well as I like, but the extra crit from Sid does help. I used Lando, Sid, and Vader in a PvP match, and wiped out a pretty strong team in just over minute with all the AoE. Probably would have been faster if Dooku wasn't on the opposing team.

    My only hesitation going further is that Lando is Chromium only. I hope that changes. I've been seriously considering a scoundrel squad of Lando, Cad Bane, Greedo, mob enforcer, and Chewbacca (chewie is a scoundrel). But Cad Bane is also only Chromium, so it's more of a dream right now.
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