Remove. Challenge. Rewards. From. Raid. Loot. Tables.

Do this yesterday.

That is all.


  • Other than carbs. Leave those in.
    But +1
  • +5,000,000

    We grind and grind and grind to be able to complete these raids And get the raid gear to actually gear our characters. And then by the end of it all you get is gear that you can get for free 3 times a week just by clicking a button. Its a slap in the face. And makes the game feel pointless. Working so hard just to earn gear you have thousands of
  • YES! Just posted something similar to this over in feedback. The reward system for PIT and HAAT need to evolve along with these new characters. But leave the carbontis please. I need 6.43 billion of those.
  • I don't think they've ever even commented on this issue. They are clearly aware of it, obviously it's wai.
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