Dooku Starter Pack gone?

Friend of mine just started and we told him to at least drop the $5 for the Dooku Starter pack, instead he gets a pack with Storm Trooper, Snowtrooper shards, Vader shards, Royal Guard shards and some credits, crystals and training droids.

He's currently level 14 and bought the Dark Side starter pack. Is this the same pack (same cost)?


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    Some people, like me, were never offered the Dooku pack. If it's now a different character they may have changed it, or there's additional characters being made available.
  • Destark
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    I have noticed sometimes the packs are different, I have 4 accounts started at the same time, 3 of them got Dooku pack offer, the other one didnt, and 1 of them got a $5 100 crystals a day for 21 days offer, 2 got $5 125 crystals a day for 7 days offer, the other one got jack squat.

    Or maybe Dooku pack is really gone, Im sorta glad since he is kinda overpowered early on
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