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  • Looks like when they changed the pop up for the special they inadvertently made it stop popping up at all, very talented. I haven’t seen a pop up for 2 days..and now there all gone for Christmas so we’re kinda left out in the cold
  • Notorious
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    4pm central. Not one popup across 4 different accounts. I have opened and closed each account at least 20 times now. This is complete horse ****. It's Christmas Eve you jerks. Put the special in the store so we can spend time with our families. I didn't fly across the country just so I can keep looking at a **** mobile game every 5 minutes. F you EA/CG.
  • There's a light bundle for 5 dollars. You guys recommend it?
  • Both of the 5$ DS and LS packs are definitely worth it. They give some crystals and a bunch of decent characters.
  • Also the boba fett popup pack is probably the best deal right now.
  • Boba Fett holiday special at noon Calif
    $19.99 3500 crystal pop up 1:45 pm Calif
  • it was supposed to be the vault I think.. if I'm not mistaken, that's the only one they advertised
  • AFRIDI07 wrote: »
    There's a light bundle for 5 dollars. You guys recommend it?

    Is it the one that gives you 50 shards of four characters? If so, then yes. I bought it even though I have those characters all at 7* already!
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  • WhenISayRun
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    Ahhh, I see now. I took your post as directed at players, not EA. Read it that way and you'll see what I saw.

    I read it as you intended, directed at EA, and I agree. It's a poor way to manage a sale and really kind of a sleazy marketing technique, esp during the holidays.

    Sorry for the confusion. I blame the cold meds. :blush:
  • Haven't seen the boba fett deal nor the DS deal
  • Stormtrooper Han good character meta tank til late game.
    Clone sergeant phase 1 poor character though he is a pilot and you get his ship for free so you can use him in fleet arena later on til you get better
    Jedi consular poor character though he is a pilot and you get his ship for free so you can use him in fleet arena later on til you get better
    Chewbacca poor character though you need scoundrels for credit heists and there are only so many good scoundrels so you might as well upgrade him a little
  • I have missed out on two deals already cuz of accidently clicking out. How about you just put it in the store? ....this is silly
  • RunSilent
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    Think it is supposed to come back if you don't get it first time, per the update notes.
  • stll not the best way to go
  • if they want to create a sense of “urgency” so people buy em, just put them in the store for like 12hrs or something. Or anything but this lol
  • That pop up only stuff is anothe stupid idea that should mingle with the psychology. Just put them into the store.
  • All the money in the world and you can't buy sales pack because it won't pop. So dumb.
  • Thanks guys. Bought the LS pack and boba fett. But there is no DS pack
  • Well since x-mas are time of gifts, i thoufht we will get something special from devs.
    Well, i was wrong, no free gift, no winter special event for rewards.
  • Hey look at that another hour passes, another 10 times opening and closing the game, and nothing. Rotten, evil, **** **** company. 4 accounts and not one popup.
  • I wonder if it has to do with the device you’re using. Almost 4:30 here and I have not received either pop up yet and I’m on iOS. Using and iPad Pro. Has anyone using iOS gotten it yet?
  • At least you’re getting the pop up. I’ve been looking for them all day so I can buy them and I still have not received the pop up.
  • 3 different devices, used wifi at two different places and I used my cell connection. Nothing.
  • So what ever happenee to flash events?
  • I have yet to get the pop up. Yet another "brilliant" idea by CG
  • Well, looked at that, well health mods...nothing you cant get in day or two. Wampa shards - welcome.
    Rest of the gift ? Total joke.
  • 4 accounts and none. Should we be expecting another 2 million credits soon? Seems like that's what they do when they do stupid **** like this.
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