Tosche Station Cantina is looking for active players! We would be honored if you would join us.....

Tosche Station Cantina is a guild that is hitting the ground running! We are recruiting all levels of players, all we ask is that you be active in raids and Territory Battles! We're doing Heroic Rancor and normal AAT. We have a 24/0 rule as well so all may benefit. We're focused on getting better results every Territory Battle and would love some strong, daily players to come and help put us over the top. 

To reach us contact our leader, one of our officers or hop on our Discord!
  • Guild Leader, Bsmooth34: Ally code 649-192-949
  • Officer, Drakendar Alsinder: Ally code 622-488-173
  • Officer, SleekViper: Ally code 469-218-596
  • Officer, Slacker036: Ally code 212-641-174
  • Officer, Sel Cee: Ally code 836-672-326
  • Officer, Pa' lin: Ally code 552-384-759


Thanks and May the Force Be With You!
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